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up to 1000W, 230V

Products may differ in size, colour and appearance to those shown. If you require further information or customisation, please contact us directly.


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Protection class IP67
Lamp Halogen lamp
Material Housing
Stainless steel, Bracket Stainless steel
WISKA-No. Type Power^
Voltage max. (V)
Connection thread size D
10102820 ES-HA-1x1000-NB-RAE 1 x 1000 W Narrow beam 230 V EMKV EMV-Z 20-25 / 9-17mm
10102821 ES-HA-1x1000-WB-RAE 1 x 1000 W Wide beam 230 V EMKV EMV-Z 20-25 / 9-17mm

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