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Our SPRINT system - all kinds of cable glands

SPRINT® cable gland system

For 30 years our cable gland system has developed to a comprehensive, efficient and high-quality modular product range.

By using just one single size-dependent assembly tool, the four elements cap nut, sealing insert, optional EMC insert and fitting can be combined custom-fit to a SPRINT® cable gland with the easy 4-in-1 principle - material-independent in polyamide, brass and stainless steel. 

SPRINT®  offers from bend protection over external strain-relief, explosion-proof to the breathing alternative with VentGLAND®  professional solutions for individual requirements.

  • All cable glands, whether polyamide, brass or stainless steel, have identical clamping ranges and comply with highest demands by IP68 and IP69.
  • Our comprehensive range of accessories can be used either with metal or plastic cable glands. Items avaible include multiple, reduction and special sealing inserts.
  • PG, metric and NPT threads are in offer in different lengths.
  • The cable glands are applicable up to -60 °C.
  • Different sizes of EMC inserts can be fitted in the SPRINT system's metal cable glands to provide electro-magnetical compatible installations. With the two types by earthing cone and contact spring insert the need to hold separate stocks of specialized EMC cable glands is now a thing of the past.   



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