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Sealing inserts

Our extensive range of seals can be combined with all cable glands and materials from our SPRINT® system. The seals are also available in various materials for special applications. These include, for example, applications at low temperatures or in the railway industry.

  • Our multiple seals (MFD) allow a wide variety for cables, in different sizes as well as different numbers, with the same size of cable gland.
  • By using our reduction sealing inserts (RDE), the clamping range of a cable gland can be reduced easily and quickly. For example, our ESKV 20 with the clamping range 6 - 13 mm can be reduced to 4 - 13 mm with an RDE.
  • Our special sealing inserts (FFD, SFD, GFD) are used in areas with special requirements and are suitable for special cables, such as ASI cables, flat cables or however you cable looks like.

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Sealing inserts


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