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    Benefits LED Luminaire 4000 lashing walkways


Luminaire 4000 – perfect LED lighting for lashing walkways

Luminaire 4000 – perfect LED lighting for lashing walkways

Totally driverless
The multi-purpose luminaire 4000 is the only LED luminaire of its kind which operates without any driver. Since drivers are highly susceptible to vibrations, they often fail as a result. Subsequently, repair costs tend to be very high and the service life of the luminaire is sharply reduced. In environments with strong vibrations such as lashing walkways, the multi-purpose luminaire 4000 is therefore a reliable alternative with durable operational reliability.

The high-performance alternative!
Space-saving and double the strength! WISKA uses the benefits of the LED technology and therefore can provide a single tube luminaire which can replace a conventional double tube luminaire, keeping the same illumination level in narrow spaces such as lashing walkways. The single-tube luminaire of 1x13 W replaces a standard double-tube of 2x18 W.


Stops maintenance
No maintenance? Can that really be true? Yes! The LED multi-purpose luminaire 4000 only comprises a few components. The lamp is the luminaire and therefore functions perfectly well without additional housing. The fewer the components, the smaller the risk of failure. And because we do not  use a driver, one of the major sources of failure on the multi-purpose luminaire 4000 is completely eliminated.

Lighting in seconds
The LED multi-purpose luminaire 4000 for lashing walkways is compatible with existing wiring and mounting dimensions. Mounting and installation is simplified by removing any additional lighting fixture housing, which is time-saving to fit and attach. Thanks to a practical click mechanism, the LED tubes are clicked into the tube clamps in seconds. Weighing in at just one kilogram, the multi-purpose luminaire 4000 is also a true lightweight.


Once bought, you will never need to exchange it!
With an average service life of 50,000 operating hours for all components, the LED multi-purpose luminaire 4000 used in lashing walkways outlasts the average expected service life of container ships.

Triple savings
Choose the lashing walkway variant of the WISKA luminaire 4000 and benefit in every way from an efficient LED lighting solution. Cost-efficient acquisition, no more costly maintenance work and low energy consumption make the product variant the ideal lighting solution for lashing walkways.


Quality “Made in Germany”
From development, through production, assembly and laboratory to delivery everything is provided by WISKA. The LED luminaire 4000 is another successful result of WISKA's own research and development and meets the highest international quality standards.

Plastic instead of metal
WISKA has decades of experience as a specialist in the development and manufacturing of high-quality plastic components for maritime applications. The multi-purpose luminaire 4000 is produced completely from plastic and therefore offers numerous benefits over lighting fixtures made from metal / plastic. Coated metal components always pose the risk that the corrosion prevention will become damaged. In contrast, the DNV GL-certified LED multi-purpose luminaire 4000 is corrosion-free, salt water resistant, UV-resistant and watertight (IP 67). Even strong vibrations leave it unscathed.

Lighting where it is needed
The multi-purpose luminaire 4000 can be adjusted according to needs. The luminaire can be positioned in its clamp so that the light falls exactly where it is needed.


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