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    PushIn Mobile Splitter


Enlargement of Reefer Container Capacity

PushIn Mobile Splitter for Reefer Container Sockets

The WISKA PushIn Mobile Splitter enables the easy enlargement of reefer capacity at its safest. It makes sure that the socket is not under power when the plug is inserted or disconnected. It is an internationally standardized CEE socket device compliant with IEC 60309 and has been approved by DNV GL.

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For your safety – DNV GL Approved

PushIn technology from WISKA guarantees you highest safety standards – just like the VARITAIN PushIn reefer container socket from WISKA, the mobile splitter has been approved by DNV GL. Power is only supplied after plug-in and automatically switched off after plug-out – which means the plug cannot get connected or disconnected under power. Thus, this concept meets with all DNV GL requirements determined as follows:

„Socket outlets for power circuits over 16 A AC or 10 A DC shall be interlocked in such a way that the plug can be neither inserted nor withdrawn when the socket contacts are live“.

More capacity

Modern reefer containers have a reduced power consumption which allows to maximize the number of reefer container sockets on container vessels by mobile splitters without changing electrical infrastructure at all.

Quick and easy

PushIn Mobile Splitter does not need any technical installation or material – no extra cables, no fixing material, no laborious setup operations – just a user-friendly installation and assembly set, included in delivery as standard.

Highly flexible

PushIn Mobile Splitter can be quickly installed by the crew wherever you need it – it can easily be moved from one vessel to another with the help of the carrier handle.

High-quality connection cable

PushIn Mobile Splitter comes with a robust, flexible connection cable – prepared for a long lifetime under extreme environmental conditions with good resistance to abrasion, cold flexibility up to -40 °C, high resistance to weathering, ozone and UV rays, sea water, oil and fuel and is halogen-free.

PushIn technology by WISKA

  • Circuit breaker is switched on by plug-in only, no separate turn needed
  • Reduced spare part handling by only one spare part module.
  • Economic maintenance costs due to extraordinary long service life 
  • LED power function indication as standard  
  • VentPLUG venting device from WISKA to avoid condensation water
  •  Each socket secured by individual MCCB  
  • High quality WISKA SPRINT cable gland with extra strain relief
  • Non-corrosive bayonet cap and socket flange
  • Casing and lid of stainless steel, powder-coated
  • High IP 66 and 67 quality, even without plug or bayonet cap installed

Our PushIn Mobile Splitter

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