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CLIXX® membrane cable entries with strain relief


CLIXX® - The faster cable gland

CLIXX® allows easy cable entry thanks to a membrane while also providing strain relief. CLIXX® can be assembled in seconds: simply clip in the hole, insert cable and done.


CLIXX® Assembly

  1. Clip in CLIXX® with one action
  2. Insert cable, pull back, finished!

Time savings up to 75 %

Cable gland assembly

  1. Insert cable gland
  2. Fix locknut
  3. Insert cable
  4. Fix cap nut

Your benefits by CLIXX®:

  • CLIXX® replaces your cable gland in standard installations
  • Same clamping and sealing ranges, high protection degree and Strain relief to EN 62444
  • 75 % assembly time savings compared to a cable gland: Only one single component to clip in – no tool, no locknut required
  • Thanks to its flat construction, CLIXX® is particularly space-saving in tight installation spaces

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