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Suez Canal Searchlight

Suez Canal searchlight

Our new Suez Canal Searchlight fits seamlessly into the visual effect and reliability of the WISKA octagonal searchlights series. Its new generation stands for most easiest handling on board.

One SKS for all ships

  • SKS 575 can be used on all vessels, regardless of the ship´s size (both below and above 30,000 GT)
  • When not being used it is additionally protected by a protective cover on the front pane

 High-quality illumination

  • Reduced power required from formerly 2,000W / 3,000W to only 575W
  • Increased lifetime of up to 1,000 hours from formerly 400 hours
  • Higher luminous efficiency of 85 lm/W
  • Light angles and spare lamp controlled via rotary levers

Small and rugged:

  • SKS 575 is only 20 % of the volume of its predecessor due to lamp change from halogen to metal halide
  • With a reduced weight of over 20 %, it ensures the most easiest handling on board
  • The double-sided powder-coated stainless steel housing guarantees absolute ruggedness: SKS 575 is highly protected against corrosion and seawater-resistant.
  • Certification: DNVLGL/ Suez Canal Authority, Certificate No. 75515-09HH

Our Suez Canal searchlight

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