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Metallic BraceFITTING: So simple when it comes to the crunch

Our metallic BraceFITTING simplifies installation and reliably protects cables. With the IP67 protection as standard, it meets the highest demands placed on the application. The various colour schemes of the O-ring seals tell the user which conduit is the right one at a glance.

  1. The toughest under pressure – Tightly turning the cap nut presses the hose connection socket and instantly ensures the highest leak-free connection.
  2. Makes all the difference at first glance – Along with the highest material and processing quality, thanks to the two differently-coloured O-ring seals, installers see which application is correct for the products.
  3. High protection as standard – thanks to an IP67 protection class throughout the system.
  4. A tough performer – Versatile in use, the metallic system protects against tearing off, twisting and vibration.
  5. Everything from one source – We supply metallic BraceFITTING’s preassembled in one piece. That saves warehouse space and all the parts stay safely together until final assembly.

Our metallic BraceFITTING products

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