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Flash lights

Products may differ in size, colour and appearance to those shown. If you require further information or customisation, please contact us directly.


Protection class IP68
Temperature range -25 °C - 45 °C
Colour Black
Equipment 4 threaded knockout entry M20
Material Housing
PBT, Light cover Polycarbonate
WISKA-No. Type Voltage
Globe colour
10015450 2000/B 220V/AC/clear 220 V Clear
10015451 2000/B 220V/AC/rd 220 V Red
10015452 2000/B 220V/AC/ye 220 V Yellow
10015453 2000/B 220V/AC/gn 220 V Green
10015454 2000/B 220V/AC/bu 220 V Blue
10015460 2000/B 24V/DC/clear 24 V Clear
10015461 2000/B 24V/DC/rd 24 V Red
10015464 2000/B 24V/DC/ye 24 V Yellow
10101710 2000/B 24V/DC/gn 24 V Green
10100646 2000/B 24V/DC/bu 24 V Blue
10015480 2000/B 12V/DC/clear 12 V Clear

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